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This Toolkit was made possible by the City of Sydney's Community Services Grants program.

It aims to provide direction for both service providers and community members within the City of Sydney to respond to situations of Squalor and Hoarding. Definition and descriptions of the complexities involved (Getting Started), an intervention flowchart (Pathway Through The Maze), resources and contact details for relevant organisations (Services and Resources) as well as links to useful information are provided.

The information contained within this Toolkit reflects the recommendations as set out in the 'Partnerships Against Homelessness' Squalor Guidelines. These can be found in the Appendices section of this Toolkit.

It is recommended, due to the complex nature inherent in these situations that the Toolkit is read in its entirety before a course of action is determined.

Pathway through the maze
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A step by step guide to dealing with Squalor & Hoarding